What We Offer 

Fueled by technology, Driven by Design, Unbound by Channel


We understand Business. We understand technology. 

And we take great pride in designing, developing and delivering everything digital.

At Mesozi, we believe business is in a state of disruption. The combination of the social web, open standards, the cloud, and ubiquitous mobility to name just a few, represent an opportunity to transform, innovate, engage and develop loyal customers and employees like never before. Smart technology plans do more than enable new processes, they enhance business results. The right mix of business savvy and inventive technology makes reimagination happen.

Business Process Automation

Every business is going through some form
of information-based disruption, causing businesses to modernize their processes, leveraging new data, accelerating key processes and delivering digitally-enabled experiences in the process. We help businesses to automate their paper based business 

Web Application Development 

Developing and deploying applications on the cloud/web requires careful assessment and planning for security, scalability, capacity and integration with other on-premise or cloud applications. Mesozi has the expertise to turn your ideas into reality, by building cloud-based apps - using the latest technology - that can scale dynamically to meet your global business needs. 

Mobile Application Development 

From tablets to smartphones, Mesozi develops iOS® and Android® mobile applications. Powerful Mobile Development, creating apps to either increase revenue or productivity, Mesozi can make it happen. 

eCommerce & Web Development

In between the cold, hard product data and the warm, fuzzy user-interface, we create
a middleware layer of intelligence to help customers explore your online presence - while you promote, engage, recommend and analyse.  

System Integrations

We aim to maximise the preservation of investments in existing technology, while at the same time minimising the cost of transfer to replacement or add-on systems. 

ICT Consulting

Mesozi’s experienced team of senior technicians and business analysts consult on
a variety of issues including business process automation and optimization, application architecture, security, system optimisation and the selection of new technology. 

Brand Innovation & Design

People do not buy products, they buy into meanings. Companies that succeed are the ones that pair the best products or services with a thoughtfully developed brand. From naming and logo design to overall brand strategy, we help clients develop a consistent brand tone and message across multiple marketing channels. We’re idea people who specialize in creating the stuff that makes people notice your business. 

Digital Strategy & Marketing 

As with all successful marketing strategies, email, mobile and social media marketing requires a disciplined approach to planning and execution. Creating a successful digital marketing strategy is understanding what your customers are doing and how they are choosing to intersect with your business. This knowledge allows you to create social maps that encourage ongoing conversations and maximise engagement with your brand. 

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing 

Long gone are the days when simply having
a website put a brand at the forefront of technology, and within easy reach of its target audience. While websites remain incredibly relevant 20 years on, in order to effectively extend a brands reach they need to be constantly optimised for the varying array of search engines and associated technologies used today. 

150+ companies have trusted Mesozi to digitize their businesses.

Work with us and make your company a better place.