More Data. Less Work. 


Think insight, think MarketForce.

MarketForce™ is a cloud-based solution that allows sales personnel to perform order entry, inventory monitoring and collect receivables using handheld devices, providing an online real-time ordering process over mobile networks. 

MarketForce™ offers an on-demand solution that meets the varied needs of everyone from small businesses to large, global organizations. It is great for sales and distribution-intensive industries such as FMCG and Financial Services, automating the entire field activities of the organization’s sales force. It helps to increase efficiency, reduce costs, identify trends and spot opportunities.

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Loved by Reps

Sales reps want solutions that make their jobs easier, not harder. With a fast, functional, simple and intuitive user interface, MarketForce SFA is the one sales solution every rep will love and use. 

Critical for Managers

Managers need the right tools
to gain visibility into their sales reps’ activities and pipelines. With powerful opportunity management, forecasting, and boundless customization capabilities, sales managers can be con dent they are maximizing team productivity. 

Trusted by Executives

Executives need fast, accurate answers to critical business questions. With MarketForce SFA’s unique customizable analytics, executives get real-time answers and business insight with a single click. 

Feature Rich 

We let you focus on what's next for your business. 

Order Management

Real time order entry, processing and tracking.

Stock Management

Monitor your stock levels as products move in the market. 

Contact & Lead Management

Have a complete view of your customers and leads, including credit limit and terms. 

Territory & Route Management 

Optimally define, plan and administer sales territories and routes to match your organization. 

Reports & Dashboards 

Reporting tools to help managers analyze sales pipelines, trends and more. 


Sales Forecasting & Analysis 

Get a real-time view into your sales teams forecasts and performance. 

Customer & Agent Mapping

This GPS feature stores information on all your customers and sales agents. 

Merchandizing & Promotions 

Track your competitors, promotions and activation activities as they happen.  

Integrations & Advanced Features 

Get sales data into your accounting software or ERP and generate sales receipts via mobile printers on the go. 

Information sharing & Mobility  

Stay up to date with critical sales data wherever you go on your mobile devices. 

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Some Benefits 


By removing the paperwork burden, you will experience less administration costs in paperwork such as order/collection entry. The solution also greatly reduces the manpower required to manage, consolidate and generate reports for management and analysis.


MarketForce gives "last mile visibility" of the sales channels in real time. Management is able to view information as it comes in and make decisions based on it.

Data Security
Documents and information stored in MarketForce are protected from unauthorized access by stringent security requirements. Backups provide vital records and disaster recovery protections. Audit trails of access and activity are also stored.

Work on one platform where everything works together. Humans aren’t perfect, so you cannot expect sales agents to remember every interaction, order, deadline, or appointment with potential customers. Most businesses are unable to forecast their sales, hence monitor future cash flow and intelligently act on it. We give your business an unfair edge.

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